The South American Conference on Migration (SACM) or Lima Process aims to provide a platform for consultations for South American countries in the primary areas of development; diasporas; rights of migrants; integration; information exchange; migration statistics; climate change; counter-trafficking and counter-smuggling.

Its current priorities are:

  • Ensuring respect for the human rights of migrants regardless of their status;
  • Promotion of discourse on migration in relation to development;
  • Strengthening of dialogue and political coordination among States;
  • Highlighting the significance of migrants’ contributions to the welfare and cultural enrichment of societies in countries of origin; and
  • Promoting the participation of representatives from civil society.

Current Thematic Focus

  • Migration and development
  • Diasporas
  • Migrant rights
  • Migrant integration
  • Migration data and statistics
  • Combatting human trafficking
  • Counter migrant smuggling

Chairing country

Current Chair: Argentina
Past Chairs: Peru (2019-2020), Bolivia (2018-2019), Uruguay (2017-2018), Paraguay, Chile, Peru


  • Technical Secretariat (IOM provides technical cooperation and administrative support)