2021 International Congress on Cell Science and Molecular Biology (IC-CSMB-2021) will be held in Port Elizabeth,South Africa during October 01st, 2021.

IC-CSMB will be organized by World Research Society conference series held in regular interval to provide an interactive forum for presentation and discussion on Cell Science and Molecular Biology. The Organizing Committee welcomes participants from all over the world who are interested in developing professional ties to and/or exploring career opportunities in the region.

The conference should serve as an ideal forum to establish relationships. The conference provides a platform for professionals involved in Cell Science and Molecular Biology to exchange knowledge and gain an insight into the state of the art in the current technology, techniques and solutions in Cell Science and Molecular Biology as they have been developed and applied in different countries. Participants include a wide variety of stakeholders from research and academia, to industrial sectors as well as government organizations.

Source: http://worldresearchsociety.com/Conference/29789/IC-CSMB/